Weddings! Like most designers, I often get asked or offer to help my friends with their wedding invitations. It is a small way that I can contribute to their special day. It also helps take some of the stress away from them. These invitations were some of the most pleasant experiences I have had in my 10 years as a designer. What could be better?

Here are some of the designs, in chronological order.

Max and Teav

Max and I went to high school together. She is a very cool, smart, and talented woman. Max and I see each other from time to time, and it is always lovely. Our mutual friend Brigitte, who was invited to the wedding (you’ll hear about her a little further down) told me all about Max and Teav’s camping retreat wedding weekend, so I just knew that these invitations would be a blast to make. Max and I got in touch and started working on the design concept.

They knew what they wanted: something rustic, elegant and that represented the venue nicely. I used the colours to tie in the rustic element, and added elegance through the use of typography.

Final design


Pablo and Rebecca

Becca and I have been good friends since 2011. We met through a mutual friend of a mutual friend (confusing, I know). My friend Brigitte (yes, same Brigitte), had a friend named Kim (who you’ll be introduced to below), who had a friend named Becca. The four of us randomly came together one night in 2011, bonded over many different things, and the rest is history. We’ve all been great friends ever since.

Becca and Pablo were getting married at Stonefield’s Heritage Farm; a gorgeous estate on the outskirts of Ottawa. With such a beautiful wedding and couple, the invitations needed to shine. Purple was the accent colour that had been chosen by the couple, so that needed to be incorporated as well. We had a few meetings to discuss invitations, a few concepts were shown, until we landed on a soft, delicate, and classic design. The invitations were printed on linen cardstock, and the name of the couple was embossed into the paper. It all felt very regal and oh so elegant.

Final design


Brigitte and Matthew

Brigitte is one of my oldest friends. We went to high school together, but became great friends the year after we graduated. We even lived together for a time, which includes some of my most cherished memories. We are both awkward, but that’s what makes our relationship work so well. So when Brigitte and Matt were getting married in 2018, I jumped at the chance to do their wedding invitations.

Brigitte and Matt were getting married at a local restaurant. It is a fabulous restaurant called NeXT that offers small plates and great wine. They chose the colours light pink and burgundy as their accent colours, and wanted something simple yet pretty. They are such a wonderful couple, so I wanted to do something a little more catered to them. I decided to pull out my Wacom tablet, and handwrite their names for the invitations. I wanted it to look like a ribbon that would flow from one edge to the other, to represent the beauty in their strong relationship.

Final design


Kimberley and Michael

Kim and I met through Brigitte (it seems I owe a lot of good friendships to Brigitte). Kim and I became good friends through our love of the Toronto Blue Jays and the Toronto Raptors. I offered to help her with invitations because I was so excited to be a part of their day!

They were getting married at Aquatopia, a garden conservatory on the outskirts of Ottawa. It is quite a unique location to get married. It is a large greenhouse, with stone walkways, lots of greenery, and even an indoor pond. The wedding invitations needed to evoke a sentiment of nature, greenery, and elegance. Some of the decor at the wedding was also going to include geometric shapes, so I also wanted to incorporate those as well. Another custom font, as well as blush and burgundy undertones, made this wedding invitation come together.

I even added a little nugget into the design, see if you can find it (Blue Jays logo).

Final design 



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