Deciding on a career can be extremely difficult, especially when you are tasked with deciding in high school.

“SparkPath helps young people face the future with curiosity, confidence, and purpose.”

When I heard that this entrepreneur was trying to help students choose a career more interestingly and interactively than the traditional career aptitude test, I knew that it would be something special.



Trade Cards

The concept was simple: show teens a fun and interesting image that would spark their attention on one side and have an explanation of the job possibilities on the other side. This entrepreneur already had a set of challenge cards created so we wanted something that would fit in with that deck. The idea was that we’d pay for some images online but alter them to fit what we needed and design around them. Choosing the background colours, the fonts, and the overall style was a lot of fun.



  • Client: SparkPath
  • Services: Trading cards
  • Year: 2019
  • Link:

Finished product:

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