Ottawa is cool. It is the Shawarma capital of the world, hosts some of the best festivals around – 35 to be exact, is one of the coldest capitals in the world – which gives us bragging rights for sure, has the world’s longest skating rink and a bicycle path that covers most of the city – to name a few… but what stands out the most is our multiculturalism and sense of community. It’s safe to say that I love Ottawa.

so613 Apparel

so613 apparel started from the desire to work on a project while being on maternity leave. I started sketching all kinds of Ottawa themed logos and designs that I thought captured a little bit of what I love about the city. After chatting with some friends, I noticed that Toronto got most of the attention in Ontario and that Ottawa had some really neat neighbourhoods that should be celebrated and displayed proudly. After showing my ideas to my husband and one particular friend, the idea of the maps came to life.



Initial Sketches

Logo colour trials


$3 from every t-shirt will go back to the community, but for some special tees, all proceeds will be donated. The Ottawa DragonBoat Foundation, the Constance Bay Flood Relief, the Ottawa Butterfly Run, and Kind are some of the initiatives that receive support.

Apparel is sold online and at one special shop in Ottawa located on Wellington Street West called JV Studios.


Final Logo