I was asked to bid on a design for this project. I submitted a quote and won the opportunity to work on these fantastic case studies that show how organizations throughout the City of Ottawa are ensuring that buildings, equipment, and urban areas are becoming more sustainable as far as energy consumption. A great project for a very important cause.

Design submission #1

Design submission #2

Design submission #3

Case Studies

Since this project revolved around green energy and sustainability, green seemed like a good starting point. I wanted to mix in the colours of the organization since they blended in well with green. There was also a big push to have small excerpts and snippets highlighted throughout the case studies which came through with numbers or icons to add even more attention. They chose design submission #3 for its simplicity and focus on the colour green.


  • Client: Sustainable Eastern Ontario
  • Services: 25 Case Studies separated into 2 case study booklets.
  • Year: 2017
  • Link: sustainableeasternontario.ca


The final design of the case study booklet

A few example pages:

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