Icons are a very effective way of getting across a visual message. The icons need to be simple but also easy to understand based on the audience and subject.

Digital Health Icons

This is a small portion of the icons that I did for the ConnectingOntario Northern and Eastern Region program. EHealth Ontario, with the help of its partners, is making a province-wide electronic health care system that will give clinicians access to patient’s health information using a clinical viewer. It’s pretty neat stuff and I was very proud to be a small part of it. These icons were mostly used in PowerPoint slides, information packages, and eBulletins to help illustrate complex strategies, technologies, and ideas into an easier to understand visual experience. Needless to say it was challenging and fun.


  • Employer: ConnectingOntario Northern and Eastern Region – The Ottawa Hospital
  • Services: Icon design
  • Year: 2015 – 2018


Over 50 icons were made in total to illustrate the program’s partners, concepts, technologies, and interfaces. These are a few of my favourites from the technology usage training portion.