This project was special because it was a surprise for someone’s mum. Two sisters were looking for a logo designed for their mother’s part-time hobby/business. She makes custom order cakes, baked goods, jams, and more and they wanted to offer the logo as a Christmas present. They had a pretty clear idea of what they wanted since their mom had already created a logo using some elaborate photocopying.

Artist’s painting of the cottage

First drafts


Where the sisters are from, all the houses have a name. Their house was named Annan Cottage, as was a small cottage that was on their property. An artist did a small painting of the cottage which their mom photocopied and then did up the words ‘Annan Cottage‘ in a fancy font in word, printed it out, and then photocopied it above the picture of the cottage. She used this combined image to make labels.


  • Client: Annan Cottage Specialties
  • Services: Branding, Logo Design
  • Year: 2015


They were interested in keeping this same idea. The business name their mom was using, Annan Cottage, and the image of a house. However, instead of the cottage that the artist had painted, they preferred the house to be more in the spirit of their mom’s new little house – which was also named Annan Cottage.

The teal of the door had to be just right and was based on the following colour.

The final designs